ADR Mapping

There are a number of purposes for this project including

In mapping various topics ADRAC considered that the above purposes were well served by expressing its own view about particular issues. When views or opinions in these works are attributed to ADRAC, it should not be assumed that each ADRAC member subscribes fully, or even partly, to the stated position. Given the number and diverse backgrounds of members, and the number, breadth and complexity of topics canvassed in this mapping project, unanimity was not always achieved. Sometimes a lack of consensus involved shades and nuance of meaning; at other times, ADRAC members differed at a more fundamental level. Without exception, ADRAC’s own understanding of issues benefitted from internal discussion and debate on controversial issues.

This explains why, throughout this work, ADRAC has called for broader input and comments, receipt of which (i) is likely to add to a better general understanding of particular topics; and (ii) may cause ADRAC to alter its point of view - quickly or over time.

That would demonstrate achievement of ADRAC’s key purposes in undertaking this important project, and, in itself, would be a fine thing.

ADRAC intends that the project will include a paper about each of the topics in the ADR Mapping topic list.